another wooden bowl

This $.99 wooden bowl was one of only a few items I found at thrift stores
along our vacation route.  Here it sits one of the books (4/$1) I also bought.
The book is full of colorful illustrations/paintings.
(You may remember I have a stash of wooden bowls of various sizes...)


  1. What a great price on that wood bowl. Not only that, but it's beautiful. It has a lot of beautiful natural detail :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Pretty bowl. You should now have a wooden bowl for every purpose imaginable I should think.

    Doesn't mean you can't buy more tho :-)


  3. I love woode bowls too, Rebecca. The bigger they are the better. Nice find!

  4. Why did I just know I would find a book or two in your book labels that I love? I've been reading Miss Read for 30 years and have collected almost all of them. I re-read them all the time and today I'm deep in the middle of Winter at Thrush Green. Salute!


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