curtain call

Here are the curtains I found at the thrift store last week - 
"remodeled" and hung on our kitchen windows.
To see their "rick-rack" hem, go here.
They'll help keep out the heat of the summer sun.
(Shutters are the reason for the lower shadows.)

Bird cage - garage sale find!
(I find myself gravitating quite naturally
toward these colors.  Not sure why...)

Here's the third of the three skirts
I also "thrifted" last week.
I call it "white",
but obviously it's tan.
I'm wearing gold beads and a gold belt
with some tan heeled shoes
for church this morning.
So I guess that's a
"curtain call" for the red, white & blue skirts, too!


  1. They are lovely and that colour combo is very cool, I'm always attracted to them too.

  2. ~the curtains look great and your skirt is cute it looks nice in you ~Happy 4th Love Heather

  3. I always enjoy reading about your thrifty finds, whether it is clothing, or something for your home or gardens.

    Hope your case of poison ivy is a thing of the past.

    Have a nice holiday ~ FlowerLady

  4. Oh wow, Rebecca. I love that birdcage. I'd paint it white and fill it with hundreds of tiny white lights on a string (like for Christmas tree). Nice job with that and the curtains and the skirt! Susan

  5. The curtains look great in your windows, you can sense how cool they make things feel.


  6. I love your curtains and the butterfly pillow! Gorgeous@

  7. Hi Rebecca, Like you I love those colors as well esp. the pillows!



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