plain jane and charlotte moss

This is what I'm wearing today...I'm pretty much a Plain Jane, I realize.  Give me a well-cut straight skirt and a comfortable tee, and I'm good to go.  I'm wearing some drop earrings and will probably throw a jean jacket over my shoulders 'cause the auditorium I'll be sitting in is VERY air-conditioned!

In a totally different vein, here are a few quotes from Charlotte Moss Decorates that grabbed my attention...

  • Every last detail fascinates me
  • A beautiful room, one with a certain magic, summons you, makes you want to sit and stay awhile...the objects call out to you to touch, inspect, get to know them.  These rooms make my heart race.
  • There is a place in all of us where creativity brews.  Tap it.  Let it go...don't fear it; I promise you it will never let you down.
  • Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind; large ones weaken it. (Actually, this was a Leonardo da Vinci quote that she quoted.)
  • Trust your instincts.  Trust your eye.  Trust yourself.
  • Decorating is a personal art, and your house is your studio where there are no boundaries.
I may be one of the few who is plain in my dress but comfortably cluttered in my decorating style....I DO admire Charlotte Moss' attention to detail.  I also realize that sometimes one person's detail is another person's clutter.


  1. What you call Plain Jane, I call classic! You look great...

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Your stuff is in the left hand column as I'm viewing it right now. Your followers are missing. Mine have been missing all day. Usually they get these things fixed within a few hours. Hopefully.
    I'm just starting to get into browns. I know they've been "back" in style for a few years now. You look great!

  3. I like simple clothes. They're timeless ;) :) Besides, I just like that skirt you wear in the photo. It's nice and long!!!

    Hmm...Blogger...well, I'd better go check my blog, because other people have been making mentions of strange happenings on their blogs, too!!! I'll go check it out.

    Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. Thanks for relating to my cluttered comfort & laid back housekeeping *dust* Post. *Winks* I think I could definitely benefit from a band of Merry Maids descending upon this ole' House & helping a Sista out! *LOL*

    You do have a classic simply elegant style. As for me, my kids & G-Kids joke that if you can't see me from the road I'm not wearing enough! *winks* I'm as excessive & Bohemian in my Style sensibilities as I am in my Decorating Style... though I did very well in the Corporate World before retiring from them, I was kinda a Wild Card in my dress code, even as an AVP of a major Bank... a conservative Banker I was definitely NOT. *hee hee* Some applauded that and others were horrified *winks*. At the DA's Office I did the same, but since I worked behind the scenes on 2nd shift it didn't matter so much. *Smiles* But I've always been comfortable marching to the beat of a different drummer. I am in agreement that a person should trust their own instincts and Style their Home and adorn themselves in what feels right for them.

    Blessings from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. I don't like "fussy" clothing. Give me a really great black or navy skirt and some bright tops and I'm good to go. I like a scarf to tie it together but anymore I'm too hot to keep it on. Ha!

  6. Hi Rebecca, I prefer comfortable dressing myself. Thanks for the decorating quotes, I must dash now to discover Charlotte Moss! Hope you are enjoying your conference.


  7. Why are skirts that fall below the knee so difficult to find?? My 52 year old knees while not ugly really don't want to be exposed!


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