my country 'tis of thee

 Would you believe I have a small "treasure trove"
of 4th of July/patriotic items--
I didn't start soon enough to figure out where they are.
I was lucky to have this mug
in my kitchen cupboard!
Thrifted, of course.
I really need to do some serious sorting
and make notes of where things are.
Meanwhile, I'm VERY thankful for my country
and pray that the freedoms and prosperity we enjoy
will continue to be valued and protected.


  1. I'm hoping for a rainy day this week so that I can get started on "sorting", too Ms. Rebecca...I think I might just uncover some "treasures"!!! ;-) HOPE you have a great day!!!

  2. What a nice festive mug...I hope you drank soemthing nice from it this morning. You just reminded me I a have a Fourth of July plate I never sat out! Oh well, next year. It is cooler here this morning so I am on deck while I is to ratchet up HOT again today. Enjoy your holiday....

  3. Hi Rebecca, thanks for your well wishes! These mugs are just awesome. Happy 4th to you!

  4. Did you know I collect 1776 themed things? I think you knew that because of that decorative plate you gave me (which I have on the chest my dad painted in my living room). Anyway, this mug is really cute. It was from the 1976 Bicentennial and the reason I collect such things is 1) I love Americana stuff and 2) 1976 is the year we got married! Happy 4th!!!

  5. Nice mug. Don't you hate it when the holiday sneaks up on you before you find all your items to decorate with? I usually know where the Christmas stuff is around now but when the time comes I can't find it, LOL!



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