basic, light, simple, thrifted

Basic, light, simple and thrifted.
A $3 outfit
for a very hot day.
Even earrings are too hot to wear!

Women's summer fashion in a nutshell: 
Wear just enough to prevent chafing.
No more, no less.
Got this from Kristen who got it from Annie....
I was outside to do this ^ when I saw this...
This little thrifted birdie appears
nonplussed by our
current heat wave!


  1. Oh my goodness, that photo of the roses needs to be framed.

    You're wearing one of my favorite summer combo's, white and light khaki. Doesn't get much better.


  2. The photo of the roses does need to be framed. Love the neutral colors, looks so cool.

  3. Rebecca, I would venture to say your roses shot was a gift from above. It is specutacular. Your outfit looks nice, too. Susan

  4. That is great advice you sure do know how to work a bargain and make it look good :) ....and ugh no chafing please that is not summer fun....Love that little bird :) Love Heather

  5. Oh Rebecca, first let me thank you for your kind words and Prayers to my celebration of Life Post... Mom is having some good days & that is when we celebrate her Life, when she is feeling well enough to still enjoy this side of time & eternity.

    Now... about that comment about it being too hot to wear earrings... LOL... that is because here in Arizona it is sometimes too hot to wear metal jewelry because it heats up to levels where you would burn your skin, so that comment I could totally relate to! *Smiles*

    You're rockin' it GF... I love Khaki & White together too, I feel as though I could go on a Bush Adventure in Australia or the Kalahari when I'm decked out in such ensembles... I have a very fertile imagination like that. *winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. You are looking very cool, Rebecca! Love that shot of the roses. Enjoy your weekend, Bonnie

  7. Yes, the picture of the roses needs to
    be framed--just gorgeous.
    Love the simplicity of the outfit. I
    wear white tees a lot.
    The little bird is darling. I seem to
    be collecting them these days. Didn't
    realize until the other day when I was
    dusting just how many I have, mostly
    were a dollar or two.

  8. Trying this again after doing some "tweaking".

    I love that picture...God put you right there at just the right time to capture that picture...a gift from HIM!!!

  9. I took a closer look at your hair. You have great color, and a fantastic cut. I can definitely see you in red! You go, lady!


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