Yesterday he worked...
Today I play...arranging and rearranging.  
(Probably not done yet!)
A $2 yard sale find, its two irregularities
were NOT noticed at the time of purchase!
Can YOU see them?
We decided to "let them be" and call it "whimsy".


  1. Great little shelf, the kind of thing you can use in any room. After you mentioned it I did spot a "whimsy" at the bottom right but not the second one.


  2. Great piece for the price and look how nice it looks with your pieces on it. I saw the first whimsy on the front, then looked at the first picture again, saw it, and also saw it in the second photo once I knew where it was.

    The price was right and the whimsy bits show it was handmade.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  3. I only see one whimsy...the faceboard at the bottom...what's #2?
    Wonder if it had a companion piece to go on the left side? I think it is DARLING!

  4. You know what, Jacque? That just might be - especially given the second whimsy - which I may reveal in my NEXT post :)

  5. Great find! Well, as hard as I tried I could only find one whimsy on the bottom right of the picture. You'll have to tell me/us where the second whimsy is!


  6. I give up, Rebecca. I spotted only the one whimsey along the bottom of the bookcase. It's cute, though. Don't keep us in suspense. Tell us what the other whimsy is, okay? Susan

  7. I agree with everyone else....I could only see one "whimsy" at the bottom ! You must have a huge home to be able to put all this stuff in it and it still look so beautiful and uncluttered! You just have a "gift" of decorating....but I think I've already told you that! :) Mississippi

  8. Well, Marilyn...our house is not very large and it borders on being cluttered, I'm afraid.

    I'll show you the second irregularity in the morning :)

  9. I spot one irregularity, but I"m not going to say where it is :) :) I LOVE this piece...It's so simple and beautiful and only $2? That's a steal of a deal :) :) Isn't that awesome when God brings great things like that into our paths? I've fou nd many a great deal at yardsales :) :) Enjoy your knew shelving :) :) love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  10. Rebecca, I look forward to your posts. You inspire me! I, too, only see one "whimsy". I can't wait until you reveal the second one.

  11. No Becky...I can't tell!! You are fun in saying they have a bt of "whimsy"!! I call it character!! ha!


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