vintage cloths and table games

While playing Blockhead (thrifted game) 
with our grandsons,
 I had time to enjoy the patterns on this tablecloth--
 thrifted, too--of course!
I have a drawer full of these vintage clothes. 
I really like 'em!

If you notice, in the first picture
there are other games stacked in the background.
You can't see Racko, but it was there.
It's one I played with my grandparents--and now I'm playing it
with THEIR great-great-grandchildren!
I've found many vintage games for fifty cents or less.
They're wonderful entertainment when the
grandchildren visit.
(To see more of this particular visit, click HERE!)


  1. I love old tablecloths too. Glad your grandkids are enjoying the board games when they visit you.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Such beautiful tablecloth, the print brings joy.
    And I´m also glad that your grandkids are enjoying the board games when they visit you. Nowadays board games are so out to computer games, but I think old games so funnies.

    Thank you my friend for your so nice comment on my blog. It really touched me deep when you say I'm missed. I never thought anyone could realize that I had disappeared......
    I'm not yet ready to a full return... I'm just doing baby steps...

    Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend and thanks again, dear.


  3. I have some old games at the Mt. House, the GD likes it when we break them out. I just thrifted an old card game called "Flinch".

    That's a great table cloth.


  4. Hi Rebecca....

    How wonderful you play the old games with your grandkids. They will never forget the time they spend with you, just as you didn't forget the time spent with your grandparents.

    Love the old cheerful and colorful. Susan

  5. I had a collection of those old tablecloths-- pretty colored ones--I have to tell you, in a fit of decluttering... yep, you guessed it, I got rid of them! (sigh). I wish I would have kept them. Have a grand time with the Grands!

  6. Dear Rebecca,

    THIS is such a great post!

    Reminds me of my grandmother who I had the pleasure of growing up next to on her farm.
    SHE was a huge game-player!

    We played cards, jacks, and many board games.
    She jumped rope and would even slide down a slide or cannon-ball in the pool with us when she would go swimming!

    She had a youthful spirit and loved to laugh.
    Her favorite game to play with us was Beauty Shop were she would sit and let all the granddaughters, all 5, tend to her hair and nails! (Many times she would fall asleep in the chair!)

    Your grandchildren will never forget these precious moments with you.

  7. I love vintage tablecoths, too...reminds me of one my Momma had when I was growing up!!! Thanks for the sweet memory, Ms. Rebecca!!!

  8. Beautiful Tablecloth and we have that game as well we love boardgames in our house!! my kids even snuck a few into there suitcases so we can play while we wait for our stuff to arrive. My husband works for DHL he is going to be the country manager for Afghanastan and Iraq. His job that he is leaving was a Director for Military and the Goverment. So he works close with the military and helps them get there stuff where they need it to go :) In many countries over seas DHL is the major carrier and they also do the mail. Your probably wishing I said he was a spy or a secret agent right hehehehe....He has a great job but no secrets at least that I know of hehehe ~Love Heather

  9. We always had a cloth on the mom has given me many of them that I grew up with. Now they're all mixed up with the ones I buy from thrift stores....and I love them all.

  10. Hi my dear-those games were an amazing bargain for all the family and I just love your vintage tablecloths too! Have a lovely summer xx


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