some things

Some things I just can't pass up!
I don't have space for even One. More. Book.
some things I just can't pass up.
Fifty cents!
At the flea market where we stopped to ask directions
to the Van Wert Garden Walk last Saturday...
If you haven't read Miss Read, you must!

What things can YOU just not pass up?


  1. Recently, I also bought some 50 cents books. I can't pass them up either and I have way too many. Do you read the Miss Read books or did this one just catch your eye?

  2. I think I've read them all! I REALLY like them!

  3. My main reason for going to thrift stores is to find books. I haven't seen any for 50 cents in a long time - ours run $2 or more. Still, better than paying full price for a hardback.


  4. Adorable cover, but I've never heard of the book. Should I have or were you just intrigued also?

    I too have a very hard time leaving without a book. The other thing that usually jumps into my cart is a piece of fabric or two!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. That takes me back, my Munm used to read Miss Read to me as a bedtime story when I was a little girl. x

  6. Hi Rebecca....I cannot help buying books, cranberry glass, if it's the right price, and dolls, if they are drop dead GORGEOUS.

    By the way, that salad you asked about? Yep, dressing is lime (or lemon) juice mixed with olive oil, salt and pepper. Scrum. Susan

  7. The Graphics alone are worth adding that book to a collection... English Cottage perfection!

    Thanks for stopping by, I found that SO many peeps could resemble themselves in that particular Post and relate... so I don't feel so much like the Lone Ranger.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. I found a Miss Read this weekend too!

  9. beautiful cover, sounds interesting! My problem is not a lack of books but a lack of time to read them!

  10. I found you via Shabby Ole Potting Shed. I'm following, you sound like your're interested in the same things I am-especially the thrifting. I just discovered 'Miss Read' this past winter and I just love her! I haven't looked for more of her work at the library, but I need to. Gotta go now, but I'll be back!

  11. My Miss Read comment should have gone here...chuckle!


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