All Over the Charts!

An unexpected invite from a friend to go garage saling yesterday
found me all over the charts in purchasing.
 (But NOTHING more than 50 cents.)
The sweet billfold above - $.10!
 This smiling wooden paper doll with magnetic clothes?
 Free!  (Above)  I have at least one grandson who likes cars.
Any kind of cars.   I happen to like the little people!
Can't get enough of them.
And this small molded wood 
"Behold I stand at the door and knock" plaque...$.25.
I also purchased three mid-sized clear Rubbermaid boxes at fifty cents each.
I decided not to buy any more than fit into the three.
Other purchases included 5 children's Golden Books,
a glass 2-cup measuring cup,
a stack of ten new dishwashing "scratchers" (as I call them), 
and if there was more, I forget what it was!
Just a great day weather-wise to garage sale
and even greater to spend the time with a friend...
But just wait till you see what I found toDAY--
and how I'm finishing my deconstructed lampshade.

By the way, if you want to see some of the notes/quotes that inspired me
while thumbing through some of my favorite decorating magazines
and a couple of new decorating books at Barnes and Noble,
come over to my Other Blog and read them!


  1. What a great way to spend a morning. I haven't been to a garage sale in years, but might have to start going again!
    Can't wait to see what you do to the lampshade frame.

  2. You always find the best stuff! Can't wait to see the lampshade. Ann

  3. Rebecca I really love that Stand at the Door and Knock Plaque.

  4. I never find stuff for under a dollar! I think folks around here have got yard sale self important-itis. Love all your finds.

  5. My Grandson loves cars, too. Great car finds!!
    I look forward to seeing your lampshade remake.
    Wonderful time for you today as you enjoyed a friend's company and found bargains galore!

  6. I too love the "stand at the door and knock" plaque. Glad you enjoyed your garage sales!

  7. Your grandkids will be so excited with these finds. I LOVE the magnetic paper doll.

  8. You find the cutest and prettiest things. The little billfold and paper doll remind me so much of my childhood as I had some very similar ones. I was a girl who absolutely loved paper dolls. And the billfold I carried with me, always counting my allowances to see when I'd have enough money to buy more paper dolls! You brought back sweet memories today for me, Rebecca.
    Have a blessed weekend.

    1. Sandy, I think that's why I liked the billfold, too. I believe mine had a poodle on it...

  9. I love the paper dolls. I spent so much time playing with them when I was little. I remember some that stood on little stands and they had "real hair." We even made our own dolls out of catalogs.

    I am amazed at the great sales you find. I did get a cute set of dinosaur cards for 10 cents that my grandsons will love. But even the little plain white dress for my new granddaughter to be was $1.

  10. Can you believe I passed two yard sales this morning and didn't even stop. I was on my way to the library (FREE), that's my excuse.


    1. That's a GREAT excuse, Darla! (I was at the library yesterday.)


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