Saling, Saling!

 On the way to a small, neighboring town to their town-wide garage sales
I tore the fabric (above) into strips
that I tied around the lamp shade frame.
I think I like it!
If I had it to do over again, I'm not sure I would have painted it.
I would have just left it rusty...
"Don't be intimidated by audacity; be audacious, but with taste.  
You also need intuition, originality, vigor...Don't get taken in by fashion.  
A secret:  love your house; love makes miracles."
(Madeleine Castaing)
Arriving in Paulding, Ohio, we parked the car and walked.
And walked some more.
I snatched up the soup tureen when I found it for $1
and the Pfaltzgraff children's set of dishes for half of that $1!
How about THESE?  Five of them...
We found a few other items, but I'm most excited about
two pieces of furniture...
the first had been purchased at an auction of their old school.
 (I can't wait to see what wonders my husband works with it!)
The second (below) needs quite a bit of work also
but should be nice when finished!
 After lunch on the courthouse square, 
we traveled home and unpacked.
What a great Saturday!


  1. Looks like you got some goodies! The soup tureen was a steal...the lamp shade, I am still thinking about...never seen anything like this before...glad you had a good do saling!

    1. I think you have to be a bit Bohemian in taste to do the lampshade thing. It looked "right" to me on Bohemian Valhalla post :)

  2. Rebecca I love that soup tureen! Wow! For a dollar that was a score!

  3. Love the plates and the children's Pfaltzgraff!

  4. The lampshade is FUN! Now about that desk... it belongs at my house I think.


  5. Sounds like a lovely Saturday to me! The lamp shade is beautiful.

  6. Wow, Rebecca. Sounds like you had a blast and a half. The dishes are my faves. Susan


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