Looking Back at the Week

 We found this great brass umbrella/walking stick holder
just this past week.  My husband polished it and I think I've already
sold it on a local facebook virtual garage sale site!
(I'll be kind of sad to part with it, though...)
I liked these trays when I ran across them at a garage sale a little over a week ago.
 Light, portable and a little rusty,
the two of them have already proved their 25-cents-worth!
Outdoor trays they are.
And OH - wait till you see what I found yesterday!
These, for starters!
 A wooden box.  I have a "thing" for them...
 Pottery bowl from Shakers & Thangs, Marshall, TX
and a vintage pillow case (I ♥ the colors)!
And this desk!  OK.  It was purchased last Saturday...
repaired and painted by my husband.
He finished it this evening.
I think the desk and pillow case belong in the same room, don't you?


  1. Oh my, Rebecca. You are chalking up some really good items. Good for you! That umbrella stand would be a keeper for me. Susan

  2. I really liked the umbrella stand, too (would have used it to hold my small collection of canes if I hadn't gotten a good offer on it.)

  3. The umbrella stand is awesome! I also love the desk in that lovely aqua color!!

  4. I soooo feel the same way! We would definitely have been friends had we met in person! I scrolled your blog and among other similarities, just about all your thrift finds I have bought or would have bought!

  5. just love your treeasures, and your blog!! Thank you for stopping by I am your newest follower.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  6. The desk is the most perfect colour and I'm loving the tray table! x

  7. Your husband is tireless! I know that you applaud and thank him endlessly, but pass one on from your blogging friend, Jackie.
    He's terrific at restoring and re-doing. Great!
    We have been in Waynesville. I know that you know what a wonderful week it was for us.

    1. Good reminder, Jackie, to applaud and thank him endlessly. I sometimes lapse in this regard. I'll definitely pass on your comment. I can imagine what a wonderful week you've been enjoying... ♥Rebecca

  8. Wow you guys always find great stuff I love how you fix up the furniture ~Enjoy those new treasures and have a great Memorial Day Weekend Love Heather

  9. The desk turned out wonderfully, your husband is a master at the fix up. Like that box, I too have a thing for boxes.


    1. He is (master-at-the-fix-up) indeed! I am blessed.


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