me and my cubbies

 This (above) is my latest "cubbie"--found along with the 
 paint-by-number picture featured in my last post.
 Ever since childhood, I've needed cubby-holes in which to stash my treasures!
 Seems like I STILL "need" them
AND  find them (or they find me)!
 Worst thing about them is keeping them dusted!
All of these were purchased at thrift stores or
(in the case of the old cheese boxes)
obtained for free!


  1. Of course I'd find the time to read your blog! I'm a fan of cubby holes and mini chests of drawers, too. The third one down looks like something I have, we call them apprentice pieces in the UK. xxx

  2. Great storage places these cubbies are!
    Marvelous finds!

  3. This new cubbie is a darling one!!!
    From my childhood, I have a passion for bags...tote bags of all kinds. I have lots of cloth ones for shopping but forget and leave them in the car!

  4. Well missy. I have one thing to say to you. I LOVE these cubbies.

  5. Well my gosh, Rebecca. You sure do come across some good cubbies. Great job. Susan

  6. Love your cubbies Rebecca. I have a similar thing with small boxes, can't pass one up. They aren't as hard to dust as cubbies :-)


  7. How absolutely engaging those cubbies look. I remember one from my childhood which held ribbons and our Sunday gloves. Your new one is so pretty.


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