I don't know which thrifted treasure from yesterday I like best!
 The sweet, colonial-style stenciled child's rocking chair, or....
this exotic piece of fabric!
All it's sides are finished....not sure what it was/is....
but I like it!
90" x 80"


  1. I love both! I think the fabric's an Indian bedspread, we often buy them for lying on the beach with when we're over there.
    Love yesterday's revamp with some of the original pattern left visible. It's beautiful. x

    1. You would know, Vix. Thanks for your input. I just ♥ the pattern on the fabric!

  2. Hi Rebecca...Both are great finds. I can just picture a teddy bear of dolly in the rocking chair (or grandkid!)

    Yup, Vix is right. That's an Indian bedspread. Lovely. Love their patterns.

    Great job! Susan

  3. You know.....I honestly can't decide which I like best either.

  4. Those are beautiful. If I had to pick, I'd choose the white chair. I love almost anything white and the style is great.

  5. The exotic fabric piece is Divine! Thanks for stopping by for a visit... yes, though I have scored some Treasures, I too am concentrating more on selling off and donating a lot from the hoard of lovelies. *winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Really enjoying your 'treasures'. Thank-you!


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