The Holiday Weekend

Cleaning out the garage and shed
 spawned some projects.
My husband suggested using the miscellaneous and rusted pieces
to be bases for three "bottle trees".
Bottles were found curbside; rusted and miscellaneous pieces from who-knows-where?!
 He also transformed this and another piece
 ...into this!
Both were either garage sale or thrift store finds
that had sat in a corner for some time anticipating their transformation!
 They've already been purchased.  We have an empty corner!  Yay!


  1. I've never seen anything like the two pieces your husband transformed. Is that a stove and a sink?
    I need details :-)


  2. Well, that's what we made them into. :) The one on the left was definitely a stove. It was lacking 2 of the stove knobs, so we just made it a 2-burner....I can't even remember what the sink unit was originally. We put the faucet & sink in..... We bought them separately, but since we had turquoise paint leftover, I measured the two and realized they could sit side-by-side. And the rest is history!

  3. Oh, I just love those bottle trees! I have never seen any made quite like this. Wonder if DH would even consider making.......

  4. Those bottles trees are soooooooo cool!!!
    And what an amazing thing your husband turned into those two pieces. Imagination...... great :))

    Thank you so much Rebecca for your comment on my blog, thank you for drop by and left such right words.


  5. Nice bottle trees, Rebecca. Your hubs is the best. That's great he can refurbish things and then resell. Way to go! Susan

  6. Super Cute love the little stove you painted you guys are so talented turning all those worn out thrifted purchases into great treasures!! Love Heather

  7. You are so talented! The blue transformation is absolutely great. During our travels I discovered bottle trees and their history and love yours - have it on my to-do list to make one also.

  8. Hey..........just stopping by to catch up with you!! love the bottle trees! I have one too, and it's such a fun thing to have in the garden. I think I name you Queen of Thrift!! You find the best stuff!!


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