If I count these two platters, the pastel-striped towel underneath them and a child's Golden Book (1950 Walt Disney's Cinderella) as four equal pieces and divide the dollar I spent yesterday, then these platters were twenty-five cents each!  I really like My Favorite Thrift Store!


  1. The platters are lovely!!! I have so many platters, both white and blue and room for more--or even for what I have!

  2. Like Bookie, I have more platters than I can use but that wouldn't have stopped me from buying those two. I'm afraid every time I stop by here I get thrift store envy.


    1. Darla, see my reply to Bookie above :)

      Surely there is SOMEone who is platterless and would like to buy one of these for fifty cents?!?!

  3. SCORE! I too am a collector of platters.

  4. Awesome deal on those platters Rebecca! You always find such nice things!

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    Love those platter and for 24 cents.....amazing! I just love white dishes, don't know what it is about them, but they just make my heart sing!! lol

    Actually, I had a free subscription to Veranda magazine, but I actually like their yard and gardens the best, some of their decorating is a lil much or sterile or just plain nothing I like anyway, but there are a few pretty indoor pictures, but you would probably get a kick out of looking at one anyway.

    How is your lil newest grandbaby coming along?? and your daughter as well??

    Have a good rest of the week,
    Blessings, Nellie

  6. Now thats a good deal!! Enjoy them!! Love Heather

  7. Love the white of the platters....
    Of course, I would love any book "Disney"... :))


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