Northward, Ho!

 While my husband was at his meeting near Goshen, IN, I hung out here^
(the sign says "the Depot Thrift Shops)
and at another thrift store in nearby Elkhart.
Among my purchases were this jar of marbles,
 four Russell Wright plates,
 this charming creamer,
 (Oops!  This thermos was from a previous thrifting excursion....)
and an old, sturdy Sunbeam mixer!
 Behind the Depot Thrift store is the Old Bag Factory.
One could spend a full day here!
Housed in this restored building are many artisans and their wares.
Quality stuff!
I passed many minutes in the Goertzen Pottery shop.
Definitely a favorite of mine....
Beautiful walk between back of thrift store and the Bag Factory
A second stop at a Goodwill in Elkhart  (3 hardback books for $1)
and a small thrift store in Kendallville on our way home
yielded a few more goodies, too!


  1. You have a ideal system, he goes to meetings and you go thrifting. I've been looking for a good old fashioned metal thermos. Yours would do nicely.


    1. I like this thermos 'cause of its color. I'm all about BLUE! And, yes! It's a great system, Darla.

  2. Sounds JUST like my kind of day, Rebecca. Had to chuckle at the old Sunbeam mixer. I JUST bought one from the classifieds in the newspaper! Red! Thanks for your visits and comments to my beloved blog! Susan

    1. Oh, I would LOVE to find a red one, Susan! I actually have one very similar to this one. A real work-horse!

      The price was right on this one and I think I've already sold it on a facebook buy/sell group I subscribe to. Sale pending & someone in the wings if it falls through!

  3. Wow, a full day! Sounds like fun. We stopped at a flea market this morning...never bought a thing...relief!:)

  4. I used to live in west KY in a little town called Sturgis! I love your kitchen goodies. The Sturgis Antique Mall off hwy. 60 is a great place to find stuff. I highly recommend a trip down. It's huge and I've gotten great bargains there!
    Oh, and nice to meet ya(via vix)

  5. You do so well at these places. I would love, love, love to see that book store.

  6. Oh what a great Junquing Expedition you had! And some great 'scores' too!!! Had to laugh at "The Old Bag Factory"... there were two 'mature' Sister Artists out of Texas that made a couple of the bags I own and they called themselves "Two Old Bags" which I thought was hilarious! Alas, they didn't put labels in their Creations, I wish they had, what a conversation starter!! *Winks* Thanks for dropping by with encouraging words about our upcoming Sale... I really Hope to do well since this has been a challenging few months with Family related serious health problems & crisis. The Land Of Blog has been a Welcome Escape into all that is Fun and Frivolous! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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