simply good habits

On Thrift Store shopping...."It’s a hobby that cuts waste,
saves money , and rewards diligence — all simply good habits."
(Joe Ferarro)

I agree, Joe!  Though not the dress-up style that Joe is so good at, this outfit is the result of my good habits.  These are not recent purchases, but I enjoyed wearing this simple outfit on a day with such a varied schedule as I had yesterday....

And though I may someday regret adding these pink plastic salad servers onto my stash at my Favorite Thrift Store this past week, I don't reckon it will be soon!   I think the large tropical tablecloth will be fun to use next summer, too--whether as a table-topper or for constructing a tent over the clothesline for our grandchildren.....It's HUGE!


  1. I loved your finds Rebecca! I'm thinking I'm going to cut back on thrifting for a while. I have Christmas shopping to do and I think things are going to get quite busy around here! But I will still go when I feel the "NEED", therapy you know!!
    Love Di ♥

  2. It is always fun 'finding' good deals Both of your finds are happy and tropical looking.


  3. It is fun and exhilarating to find wonderful, thrifty bargains, but I have to be careful to limit myself. It can become a case of too much of a good thing, for me. I am working on asking myself if something is a want or a need.

    Your outfit is very becoming.


  4. You look Lovely Lady!! and some more good thrifty finds ~Enjoy Love Heather

  5. You always look so pretty dear Rebecca..I can see why you like to style yourself and what ever age! I was 60 last saturday, so I too like to dress nicely, not like a frampy old Have a super weekend.

  6. You have some mighty good habits when I fear mine are mostly bad habits! You lead me to better ones!

  7. I try to have good habits, too. The pickings aren't as good around here.

    I do like both your pink salad utensils and the fun tablecloth. Love that pattern.


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