I found & quickly packed this little suitcase FULL of finery
 this morning at a church rummage sale
(one of my favorite places to shop for goodies)!
 This well-crafted homemade doll was one of the contents.
 She fits beautifully in the decorating scheme of our kitchen's dining area!
 It's impossible for me to pass up these "booties"!
Can't wait to warm my feet in them...
or maybe I should gift someone with them?!?
Thinking the covered pumpkin that I made at a ceramic shop a few years ago needed company,
I brought home this smiling companion.
 I'll recruit my husband to reapply the wings on this bird,
and it will join a small flock I already have accumulated.
 THIS is the "princess" of my finds today!
Don't you think Rachel Ashwell would be delighted to have found it?
 I like these painted-over tacks along the back of the seat so much.
I think I'll recover the seat and leave the precious pink paint "as is".
 (Oh.  I almost forgot this pair of decanters.  Not sure why I couldn't pass them up....)
All this for the cost of a large Dairy Queen Blizzard!
I capped  my rummaging off with all  these hangers from the "Free Box".
Surely I'll think of SOMETHING to do with them.


  1. Those hangers are at a premium at my house! You can use those decanters to stash small items like buttons, odd earrings and such until you find the right project.

    1. Ahhhhhhhh. Good ideas re. the decanters - if I can get the "small objects" into their openings....

  2. Yup, I like the chair the color it is, too, Rebecca. I love church sales, too. Take care. Susan

  3. Church sales are the best...as always great finds...Someday we will have to rummage together....Lets think next Spring?

  4. I think it was great that you left the paint of the chair and just covered the cushion. It is indeed a Princess of a chair.



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