spend, sort, save

I'm SO aware that this isn't a "pretty" post, but
 I bit the bullet this morning and SPENT some time 
 at a chore I've been putting off for quite awhile--
SORTING  my stocking drawer!
On the right (above) - those worth SAVING.
(One tug at the waistbands was the initial test!
So many of them had lost their elasticity!  Aggravating!)
 Above, the throwaway pile!
The end result is that I WILL save $$$ !
I see that I have plenty of leg-ware that
SHOULD last me through the winter at least!
In the sack to the left - socks and trouser socks, etc.
In the middle - tights & hosiery (yes, I still wear "hose").
To the right - footless leggins. 

I'm sure there is more spending, sorting, and saving
to be accomplished elsewhere in our house.
What have YOU sorted lately?


  1. I need to do this as well I just bought some socks to wear in boots but I need to go and sort out my tights and see what I have ...I would love a pair in a bright color that seems to be the latest trend ~have a great week Love Heather

  2. I have been sorting through my winter wear...I found that I do not have much of it. I must have over sorted last year. :)

  3. I sorted out the dresser drawers....and loved the feeling that I got when I finished.
    Now...on to the chest of drawers...and then the closet (I'll need a whip and a chair for the closet!)

    1. That's funny, Jackie - a whip and a chair!!!!

  4. Haven't sorted much lately and I need to. I just keep stuffing things in the closet and pushing the bulging door shut. It is an unsightly mess in there.


  5. Hi Rebecca, I've sorted my summer clothes and am preparing to put them away. I hate to say good-bye to my white skirts, but I will not be wearing them this fall or winter, so it's time for them to go into storage.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. I just got out all my tights--and wore a pair today. I sorted them before I stored them away and was happy just to put them in my drawer. I won't need any this year either.


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