happy halloween

 Awhile ago, my husband cut a large chalkboard we found
into several frame-sized pieces.
 We sold a few, but have two left.
 This is one of them.
 Today I thought of a way to use it!
 I'm already practicing drawing turkeys and Christmas trees!
Oh!  Lea suggested I draw a crackling fire!
Well, SURE!
Of course, if someone is interested in buying it,
I will reluctantly part with it 
and fill the artificial fireplace with some candles...
(Many of you know the mantel was found curbside! 
We're all about "free" here.)
Addendum:  SOLD.


  1. So cute!! I love it! You should have no trouble selling it off. I didn't know your mantle was a freebee. I love picking up stuff on the side of the road! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Trunk or Treat blog. I had so much fun with it, I ran right inside and posted!

    1. You were right, Jeanne! I just met a buyer via a facebook garage sale page. She was thrilled to have it -- and now my fireplace looks a little bare. I really WAS liking it there!

  2. Clever use of the blackboards! You find the best stuff..a trained eye at work.

  3. Great pumpkin! A tree would be easy to draw but the turkey might be a bit harder. I want to see it though if you do it!

  4. Loved the chalkboard in the fireplace idea but it you were willing to part with it then I'm happy to hear you made such a quick sale. I have no doubt you will find something new for the fireplace, probably something FREE (grin). You are such an amazing thrifter.


  5. Chalkboards are so much fun! I love what you've done with that one and yes, draw a fire and it will look wonderful.
    Hugs, Cindy


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