black again

 For church this morning, I'm wearing a sleeveless LBD.
The rust-colored jacket frames the square neckline.
Though shorter than I usually wear my skirts and dresses,
I feel comfortable in this length.
All three visible items of clothing were thrifted, of course.
The dress & jacket - YEARS ago!
The shoes - recently.
After hours of work restoring this (free) table,
my husband pronounced it "finished"!
I am desperate to find a place for it. 
I don't want to part with it.
 It's the distressed wood that most attracts me.
(That and its drop leaves...)
Below:  Ready to go with 4 folding chairs
we found at a garage sale earlier this fall...


  1. You look lovely and stylish and I love your table.

    I love it that you and your DH are so thrifty and restore/recycle so much.

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  2. This very classic outfit looks wonderfully fall-ish! I love the table too!! Keep! Keep!

  3. You and the table both look very nice today, Rebecca! Hope you find the right place for it. I'd put it in front of the window with lots of plants on it, during the winter! (Protecting its surface, of course.) Susan

  4. Love your outfit!
    The table is very nice, and has lots of character.

  5. You and the table look wonderful! I'd give it a home in a heartbeat! x

  6. LOVE the outfit! It looks really nice and ''fallish''.


  7. Rebecca you look fabulous in your little black dress! I love your table!

  8. The brown (or shades such as rust) and black color combo is one I like this season - your pieces go so well together.

    Keep the table!


  9. You look wonderful and so stylish.

  10. You looked fabulous Rebecca and the chairs along with the table, perfect for an extra Thanksgiving Day table! Love Di ♥

  11. You look beautiful Rebecca! Cute LBD and jacket! The length looks great on you! Your new table is really cool. Love that distressing as well! Where are you gonna put it?!!! Hope you find a special spot! I really like your crow and have to ask you... to the left of it is chicken on the floor. Is it a planter coz if it is I think I have one identical to it! Have a blessed evening! xoxo Lea


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