sunday combinations

Trust me!  I'm not nearly as aloof as I appear in this photo...
wearing three separates--all from thrift stores a few years ago--
and very much appreciated as I continue
to explore new COMBINATIONS from my closet.
 This tote and the artificial sunflowers
 WERE newly thrifted this past week!
 My husband stained the wooden tote and I'm thrilled with the result.
 Now I'm off to church and will follow it up with dinner
 at a local community church to welcome back their pastor 
 from her sabbatical...


  1. Rebecca I love the Sunflowers!! You look awesome in your beautiful out fit.

  2. Those of us who know and love you realize you are not aloof in the least, Rebecca. Love the outfit and I have been looking for one of those neat wooden totes since I saw one on Savvy Southern Style. Did you get your hair stacked in back? I like that look and have been thinking of getting mine cut that way.

    1. Thank you for the reassurance, Sandy :) I do have my hair stacked in back. Sometimes I get a gal who can do it better than others (I get my hair cut at Great Clips.) I hope you can find a wooden tote. I stumbled on mine and paid less than $1 for it :) They are handy for so MANY things...

  3. You are looking super trim in that outfit! I love that tote (although I was looking for a cloth bag at first, quirky language variations!) x

  4. Very nice outfit, I really like the cut of the jacket. That wooden carrier does look handy.



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