favorite finds from the past few days

 ...and inside, these beautiful illustrations...

I'm also enjoying a bunch of wonderful gourds - decorative;
and a couple of butternut squash - edible - and currently in the crock pot
with onions, an apple, and some turkey sausage.
A simple and tasty autumn meal...
 and this ENORMOUS sweet potato!
 It will provide meals for several days.
The sweet potato, gourds and squash were all gifts from friends.
We are blessed, and we know it.


  1. It all looks good, Rebecca. Don't you love those kinds of gifts from friends? Susan

  2. That's one HUGE sweet potato! We like butternut squash, in fact we like all the winter squash. Your crock pot ingredients sound like they will be so good together.


  3. First of all, thanks so much for your comment. I'll live on that for many a day to come! Secondly your crock pot dinner sounds like heaven. I'm going to duplicate it soon! And lastly, it gives me a warm feeling when friends share their bounty. And that is some bounty! Happy Thursday!

  4. I hope you like the book Le Road Trip as much as I am. I picked it up free at a book exchange at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. It was the first night of the exchange and you wouldn't believe the quality of the books that were donated!

  5. You can't imagine how much I love seeing the things that grab you and speak to your heart. Things you love and the many blessings you find, or that finds you. heart. You have me craving squash today. Akorn like my Momma taught me to love. haha Your finds are gorgeous. Love that red book! What a pretty cover... I can only imagine the sweet words inside. The picture is very different; I like it! White tulips! -- Think I'm going junkin today... we have a couple really cool thrifts... and a wonderful antique shop. Wish I could swing by and bring you along!!!! xoxo

    1. "Oh, Lea! How I'd love to visit the 'cool thrifts' & antique shop with you," she said wistfully....


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