another day; another doily

  Doilies seem to be finding me lately....
and though I am not a cat-lover personally,
I snatch up bargains like these notecards above to gift my cat-loving friend with!
OK.  Really.  This one MAY be the last jean jacket that I purchase for awhile, but
I couldn't resist the sequined decoration and its snazzy style.
In spite of what it looks like, here's what I wrote to Di in response to her comment following my last post:  "... believe it or not, I am not "thrifting" nearly so much since I came face-to-face with the extent of my accumulations while putting away Christmas decorations, etc. Sometimes though.....I combine my need for change of scenery with the hunt, most of the time refusing to pay the prices that seem to constantly rising...."
Ahem.  Have YOU noticed those rising prices?!?
I leave you in an awkward pose* trying to show my outfit for today's excursion:
jeans with a faded brown plaid pattern, a brown sweater, and comfortable reddish-brown flats.
All thrifted -- but years ago!

*Remember, my SmartPhone doesn't have a time delay feature on its camera,
and my husband was not available to take the picture.


  1. We can never have enough doilies, can we Rebecca? They are little pieces of art.

    You look very nice and slender! Good for you.


  2. I loved that outfit Rebecca, the choice in shoes really pulled it together! Doilies? I have a bag full of them that I've made over the years. I love making doilies, it's my favorite thing to crochet but I've noticed that except for my bedroom which is Victorian style, I don't use them much anymore.
    Most of them were one's that I had made for my mother. I don't want to Jinx anything but I think I may be able to do some thrifting next week!!
    I love your background. Love Di ♥

    1. Oh, I hope you CAN (thrift) next week. And I hope you don't find rising prices as I have found lately!

  3. I look at hand crocheted doilies and think of all the time and work that went into them. That usually creates a need for me to rescue them and take them home. Our thrift store prices are so high that I seldom bother checking the stores anymore. I have always been amazed at the low prices you get your things for.


    1. Once in awhile, I amaze mySELF! :) Of course, I usually only buy when the prices are too good to be true -- and those are what you see here.

  4. I like doilies, I use them everywhere. Love the jacket.

  5. Admiring your doily back may see a photo of me in about three years LOL


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