farmhouse french

 Recently at Cedar Hill Ranch, Anita (whose style I GREATLY admire)
 posted eight budget-friendly ways to add Farmhouse French
flavor to one's home.
 Until looking at her suggestions, I had no idea WHAT my style was
 besides Unmistakeably Eclectic!
 But now, I'm thinking I'm not so far from Farmhouse French.
 I don't need much urging to bring out my wooden bowls and ironstone.
 And I have baskets and chippy/peeling paint...
 ...and I even have some toille-patterned pillows!
 Now, if I can just educate myself about French furniture and
find me a piece or two at one of my Favorite Thrift Stores....
...I'd REALLY be living the Farmhouse French  home style!
Be sure to check Anita out!  I'm pretty sure you'll find her blog
as delightful as Anita seems to be herself.
Oops!  Almost forgot.  This piece of silver with Christmas candles
still on it will have to stand in for the piece or two of silver
that Anita says are part of Farmhouse French style.
 You notice that I'm not ready to show you how it all fits together
just yet...That's the challenge for me.  Getting it all set up.


  1. The word that comes to mind is QUAINT. Yes I love your style Rebecca. I love your tray with candles!
    Love Di ♥

  2. I was just telling you on an earlier post that you have a really nice style, Farmhouse French sounds wonderful! I like it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. You have a nice start if French Farmhouse is the way you want to go. I love the look but it really doesn't suit my actual house which is a small California Craftsman bungalow.


    1. :) That's why I think my style is STILL probably Unmistakeably Eclectic.


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