what to do?

 Hmmmm.  This new Smart Phone isn't as "smart" as the last plain old cell phone I had before!
While sporting a stronger camera, it doesn't have a 10 second delay--
which has me worried when it comes to taking pictures of my Fashion Thrift.
(Today, F.T. includes a black top, and  lined grey slacks with a Talbot's label.)
What to do? What to do?
 Meanwhile, above is a Royal Traveller Casual Tote that I thrifted long ago.
I think I'm ready to pass it on.  I seldom tote my laptop with me anymore
and the few times I'd need a tote like this don't justify it taking up space.
(Read "Purge"!)
These five glasses I thrifted more recently at $.25@.  They are Johnson Bros. and are listed
on eBay for anywhere between $14.99 and $24.99@ if I'm reading it right!
I wonder if I'll have any luck selling them?
If not, I could set a table for more than 5 by alternating clear glasses with these.
What to do?


  1. I love the glasses, Rebecca! Use for a while before you decide...

    The phone might be pretty smart....it took a picture that made your leg look a mile long! I would like a phone like that, ha-ha!

    Have a good Friday....

    1. It's just my high waist. It has that effect. (I got your postcard, by the way!) Trying to get to our little post office when the window is open so I can buy a stamp for a postcard to send back to you!)

    2. On the other hand, you just may have answered my question, "What to do?" :)

  2. Cute outfit!! You're looking good - Ann

  3. I like that phone and the bag too! I have a high waste and it helps with my legs and arms, which are both longer..The glasses are pretty too.

  4. Love the glasses. You look great. Just fab! Sell the tote and make room for something "new"!

  5. I love the glasses! You look very nice.
    You made me laugh at my stupidity today when I read your comment. You are right, 3 x 365 does not add up to 10,000! So I went back and edited it, it is actually just over 1000. Thanks for pointing that out, I'm surprised others didn't.
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. I've always wondered......I guess it's a "Ten Year Plan".

  6. Uggg!!! I miss thrifting So, so, so, much!!!!! January is a lean month for us and I am having withdrawals!!! Jake keeps saying "Wait till Feb.." The outfit is very cute Rebecca. And don't you love finding something that's worth way more then you bought it for? Those are the things I like to keep!! I love the glasses. Love Di ♥

  7. What ARE you doing up at that hour!?

    And believe it or not, I am not "thrifting" nearly so much since I came face-to-face with the extent of my accumulations while putting away Christmas decorations, etc. Sometimes though.....I combine my need for change of scenery with the hunt, most of the time refusing to pay the prices that seem to constantly rising....

  8. The glasses are nice. Are you a regular eBay seller? I've thought about it but is seems like a lot of work.


    1. No, Darla. I'm NOT an eBay seller. Never have....because it DOES seem like a lot of work to me, too. While true it exposes you to a larger pool of buyers, it involves additional expense & time that I'm unwilling to expend.


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