another mirror

 This mirror was a gift from a friend.  It is VERY heavy
and measures 24"x28".
It came to me painted, dull and black.
My husband painted it semi-gloss white.
It brought out the incredibly beautiful design of the frame.
I really DO like mirrors.  I've kind of run out of wall space for them though...
 These last two are a couple more already hanging in our house.
When I clicked on "mirrors" in my label category,
I didn't see them, so I quickly added them to this post.
I didn't want them to feel left out!
 There are a few more hanging upstairs to add to this category, too.
But until I get around to photographing them, you might want to click on "mirrors"
in my label section to see the other downstairs mirrors.....


  1. It looks so nice in white, Rebecca. I'm sure you'll find a place for it.

    They say mirrors should be placed opposite a window, to bring in more light. Susan

    1. I have mirrors across from most every window in the house (we don't have as many windows as I would like....)!

  2. I love mirrors but sometimes they are so expensive. I look for them at garage sales, not much luck so far. It seems the really nice ones aren't sold.

  3. Your mirror is lovely; once again, hats off to your dear sweet husband for painting it.
    It is very pretty, Rebecca.

  4. This is a lovely mirror! I love the white. Wish we could have seen the before, but I always forget too!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  5. Your mirrors are all beautiful, I like mirrors, too. Have a great week. Cindy

  6. The white does set off the design in the frame. I have been looking for a mirror for our small bedroom in the mts. When family/guests stay there I often ask if there is something they needed and one suggestion was a mirror in that room. I know I could just go buy one but I want something - well - like yours! Something unique.


    1. I hope you can find one, Darla. (I know what you mean about wanting something "unique"....)

  7. It's gorgeous, very French chateau chic! x

  8. You always come across lovely things to add just the right touch to your home.

  9. Your mirrors look great and are a wonderful reflection of your life and home.


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