waiting for the paint to dry

Pardon my excitement.....but I can't help myself!
My husband is Working Wonders with a couple of unrelated pieces
he uncovered while cleaning out our garage and rearranging his work space!
I can't wait for the paint to dry so I can stencil some metallic gold medallions
(or something) on the toes of this one-of-a-kind table!
You can click on the bold words above to see the project in process.


  1. OK. I admit it! I came back to look at it. (It's warmer than going out to the garage to peek.)

  2. Hi there-lol! Hopefully not long and then you can start working your own wonders on this lovely table! Have a great weekend xxx

  3. Ohhhh, that's going to be lovely, Rebecca. Do show us when you get the stenciling on! Tell your hubs, great work! Susan

  4. Love the table, great you have a "Handy man". Reminds me of a book I think you'll like. It's American, I found it at our library(in England)and it's called 'I stop for yard sales'by Lara Spencer. Read it from cover to cover and made lots of notes.

    1. Seems like I've heard of that book.....I'll look for it!

  5. Your "new" table is going to be gorgeous! I love the colour and how nice that your hubby is doing it for you.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Once again your Man rescues wood. I think he is so talented. I like your little gold touches too.



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