Beauty in Pasadena

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; 
for beauty is God's handwriting - a wayside sacrament.  
Welcome it in every fair face,in every fair sky, in every fair flower,
and thank God for it as a cup of blessing.  
Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development,
invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.
Edgar Allen Poe

Love of beauty is Taste.  The creation of beauty is Art.  
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Scenes from Pasadena CA
Colorado Street & Surroundings



  1. Lovely shots, Rebecca. Are you in Pasedena? Have a blast. Susan

  2. Love seeing it all through your eyes....

  3. Hi my dear!! What a wonderful post- a perfect mix of lovely words and photos, thanks for sharing xx

  4. Beautiful geometric pieces. Also happy to see you got a pic. of palm trees. Now why don't you drive "just" 500 miles North to visit me?


  5. Emerson and Poe got it right. And God is a master at creating beauty and giving us the love for it. I delight in beauty!

  6. My kind of art....and beauty. ♥


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