me, today

Me, today - AFTER a nice lunch with my husband
and a stop at a small thrift shop.
The thrift shop is where I found the belt.  For $.25.
It has a leather buckle, etc. with a stretchy back.
I like wearing belts.  They add a touch of color to my basic
(some would say "drab") wardrobe.
The brown blouse is linen.  I got it over the weekend for a quarter, too!
 My husband is cleaning out the garage - hoping to make space for the car before winter is over!
Look what he found!  He's cleaning it up and I'm trying to figure out where to put it.
(Or if I should sell it.)
I'm sure we got it at a garage sale, thrift store or off the curb.
Neither of us can remember though...


  1. You look Amazing! My Goal is to get back down to a slender and healthier size again... so many more Styling options when you're not Big Girl Sized. *Winks* Thanks for stopping by to admire my Dining Set I got for the Showroom, it has more Chairs than the pictures show and stacked on top of the table are the custom double sided pads that fit over the entire tabletop... one size is leather and the other side is felt. I remember all the Old Sets having those so that you could put hot foods on without ruining the finish or play cards, etc... typically they get damaged or lost over the years but the two Vintage dining sets I have in my Showroom both have the intact custom tablecovers in pristine condition, which is awesome. Several people have said they also like the Retro Tulip Fabric seats, I would just choose something more from the Era of the set, these were added sometime much later, probably the 60's judging by the pattern? *LOL* I'd prefer 60's fabric on a 60's Era Chrome Dinette Set. But perhaps whoever buys this Set will also Adore the Fabric, it's in very good condition. The other Dinette Set I'm selling has Original Chair Fabric and its Era appropriate so I like it much better personally on the chairs.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. You can do it, Dawn. The months (for me) went faster than I can believe. It took me awhile to get into gear, but once started--no looking back! The challenge for me now is being sure I don't have to repeat what I've just accomplished.

      I understand about the chair upholstery not being "period". Guess I'm just not a purist that way. :)

  2. Love the bright turquoise of the belt against the lovely soft brown. You look awesome, Rebecca!

  3. How trim and svelte are you looking? Brilliant work, Rebecca, that belt emphasises your slim waist to perfection. x

  4. Hi my dear! The vibrant blue belt goes lovely with the brown linen shirt, lovely styling! Have a good weekend xx

  5. I had a carpenter's tool carrier like the one you discovered in your garage. I put it on the front porch in the summer, and my cat thought it was a lovey, cozy, place to sleep.

  6. You always look nice...I do not look stylish even if I am trying to be stylish. Neat and tidy works well for me .I do like the blue belt :)

    1. Neat and tidy and plain IS a style, Dee. I actually think that sums mine up, too.

  7. Lovely outfit, I love the bright belt. That's a great tool box. Hugs, Cindy


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