double denim-ing

 This morning I read about "double denim" at That's Not My Age.
I was intrigued enough to wear the denim skirt this morning
with a black tee.
By this afternoon I was Double Denim-ing BIG time
with this new 50-cent jacket found at a thrift store about 30 miles north of us.
It was a beautiful day for a drive and I just had the urge to go check it out.
With this "new" jean jacket enthusiasm, I'll be hanging out at Sharon's denim blog,
I've enjoyed her at Thrift My Style -- Fashion, Vintage, Me
for quite awhile, and since I ♥ denim I'm enjoying this newer blog, too.
 For a quarter, I added the hand-decorated tin can (whimsical folk art)
made with colorful magazine pages;
and the cheerful doily was basically free
when my husband added it to his 2 pair of slacks and a
Van Heusen shirt - for a total of $3!


  1. You sure find fantastic things. I love your denim jacket and you look great double decked.


  2. You look great, Rebecca.
    May God's blessings continue to pour down on you and your sweet family.

  3. Don't you look gorgeous!! I love your outfit dear Rebecca. I love denim jackets and I have one I really enjoy using with skirts too. Big hugs,

  4. I am jealous! I have searched high and low for a denim jacket in all the thrift shops here and have never found one. I think I am going back to a website I bookmarked awhile back that sells vintage denim jackets and just pay full price for one. Your entire outfit is great!

    1. Sandy, what size do you wear - and would you like a short-to-the-waistline one or a little longer? If you let me know, I'll be on the look out or maybe I even HAVE one and I'll bring it down when I come mid-April and we can arrange a meeting!!!!!

  5. What a score..Loving the outfit too!~

  6. Hi my dear!! Wow! $3, that is totally awesome for all of that-you really scored with some lovely bargains and a gorgeous drive out too! You look amazing in double denim, the jacket was a fabulous find and I'm sure you will get lots of wear from it-very stylish and versatile! The skirt looks great- a perfect cut and wash of denim. Thank you so much for the mention too, that really is wonderful of you and is so much appreciated!! xxxx

    1. See! You know so much about the "cut" and "wash" of denim. I'm going to read your blog closer and see what I can learn.

      I kind of must go on my own "instinct" (faulty, I'm sure) of what seems to fit and feel good.......

    2. Your instincts are spot on from what I can see, you do have great style! xx

  7. I love the outfit...and the pretty can. :)

  8. What great finds. I'm going for thrifty style at 62. Your blog is great.

  9. You found a great jacket and the skirt is one of my favorites of your wardrobe. You are looking quite trim these days.


  10. You are certainly very thrifty, I love the photos at the side of your little doily, very sunny! Hugs, Cindy


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