26 items for $5.35!

I filled a Kroger grocery bag with 26 items.  The majority ended up being for my granddaughter who starts first grade this year.  Here are 7 shirts and two skirts.  I also bought a pair of denim capris and a darling, fully lined sun dress for her.

I had hoped to find more shirts for my son-in-law who wears dress shirts for work.  It was difficult to sort through at least a hundred shirts.  I came up with only one, but added this tie and found a pair of 34x34 cords.  It's not easy to find pants in his size.

I DID find a pair of jeans and a pair of Dockers for my husband, too!

Here's a close up of the yellow striped shirt and tie...

I also  found 4 white shirts that I plan to give my daughter.  For myself, a black vest, a brown tee shirt, an off-white shirt and these two black dresses...I like the unusual buttons on the one below. 

 ...and here is  the lower half of the Ralph Lauren swim suit that I bought.  I had completely worn out the one I've worn for the past few years...
If I counted correctly, I ended up with 26 items for $5 plus tax.  Just about $.20 each!  
I'm thrilled.


  1. WOWSERS, Rebecca. You "done" good. That is bargain shopping at its best. Great job! Susan

  2. I need to come visit you Rebecca so we can do some serious shopping! I don't know of any place here where you can get things so cheap except for maybe the Friends of the Library.

  3. Bonnie, St Vincent de Paul - today through Friday! I wouldn't have known except I stopped in yesterday and saw the sign. Usually I don't go two days in a week or even two days in TWO weeks, but I couldn't resist returning.

  4. Wow, what a great haul! Well done, Rebecca!

  5. Hi there-well done indeed my dear, what a haul!!

  6. Amazing!! Everything looks to be in
    great shape, too. Love the buttons
    on the dress. I'm inspired to check
    out some thrift shops tomorrow.

  7. WOW, such great things and such a bargain!!!
    I always complain because we have no thrift shops!!

    Hope youre having a nice weekend, my friend



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