birthday reflections

Today is our firstborn's birthday.  She shares it with my brother.  Happy birthday, Amy (and Dave)!

The air is crisp and cool...We've slept with windows open two nights in a row--and for the first time since late spring, the dehumidifier shut itself off after reaching the pre-set level.

Oh!  We flipped the mattress over when I made the bed with the air-dried sheets.  Should have done THAT a few months ago!

After success with the clothesline yesterday (the shirts dried wrinkle-free), I have just washed a vintage bedspread and will hang it out to dry today.

We may make it a Border's evening later today and, not wanting to change clothes, I've selected this outfit...all purchased at thrift stores over the years.  I was inspired to perk up the gray and black with some red touches by an early morning reading of Blogfashion!


  1. The red really is a nice finishing touch. I'll have to follow the link you provided.

    Nothing quite like sheets that have been dried outdoors is there?

    Happy Birthday to Amy and Dave


  2. Hi there-love your casual chic outfit, red always makes a black outfit look great!! Happy Birthday to Amy and Dave too!

  3. I agree with all the others ~ the red does set off the black. You look smashing!

  4. Hi Rebecca, you look like you are ready to start your day with zest! Red is such an enthusiastic color and I think you've selected the right shade of red too!

    Happy birthday to Amy and Dave! My niece and I share the same birthday as month. Yikes!


  5. Great outfit - love the bits of red.

    I love the smell of clothes hung on the line. Ah...

  6. Happy Birthday, Amy and Dave (and my friends, Darren and Alex who are also celebrating).
    You do look lovely and trim in that chic outfit, Rebecca! xxx

  7. You look great love the red makes the outfit pop~ Hope you have a blessed day ~Love Heather

  8. You look very chic! Happy birthday to Amy and Dave. It's my birthday as well!

  9. I really want you to write about your fashion sense for my website. Here's the spot to submit your story. Click on the "See Published Submissions" to see the ones that have already been published. I just love the idea that you can put together such cool outfits on a budget.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to both!!!
    Yes, the touches in red are just such a trend to follow, I think.

    Have a fantastic weekend, darling


  11. Oh, how I love line-dried sheets! Memories of years gone by when we lived in Texas and they'd dry, seemingly in minutes. Too many bugs and birds here in Oregon.

    I have a couple of the cutest outfits from St. V's and I always love the compliments :) Love seeing your treasures from St. V's.

  12. Hi Rebecca - thank you for welcoming me back! You look so fantastic with your red-accented outfit and your beautiful short hair. The new cut is great! I look forward to "seeing" you via your blog more often.

  13. Rebecca I love the beautiful music on your Life and Godliness blog I just have it play in it over and over again! Congratulations of losing 40 pounds!Wow! Thank you for your comments I have added you to blog list, I love finding Christian women's blogs so much, they are always a big inspiration to me. Have a wonderful blessed day! =)



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