making monday special

I started the day Monday in front of this thrifted mirror that hangs just inside our front door.
Later, I set the table for lunch.  The table cloth is thrifted, as are the glasses and vase.  The dishes were gifts.  The flowers came from our yard.  I enjoyed sharing food and conversation with two of my friends.
Menu: deli bought turkey roll ups, garden fresh tomatoes, broccoli with Ranch dressing, artichoke-spinach chips, and melon balls.

It made my Monday special!


  1. So glad you had a lovely lunch with friends, Rebecca.Very nice table setting and mirror. Susan

  2. Very pretty smile, Rebecca. What was for lunch?

  3. Bonnie, I started to list the menu and realized I didn't know what to call the deli-bought "turkey roll ups". I had garden fresh tomatoes, broccoli with Ranch dressing, artichoke-spinach chips and watermelon balls for dessert. It was a LADIES' lunch.

  4. Beautiful table setting and an even more beautiful smile, Rebecca!
    You'll be relieved to know that the nudity was all in the name of art, I'll share more details later in the week! xxx

  5. Sounds wonderful...I hope to take a stop at the thrift store tomorrow~ enjoy your thrifting treasures ~ love Heather

  6. Vix, I AM relieved :)

    Heather, Good luck at the thrift store tomorrow. I'm not sure I'm going to get to "mine" this week...

  7. What a great photo you you! Your table looks so pretty. I have a real love for vintage tablecloths and that one is very nice.


  8. love that photo at the top! I have not mastered the art of self-photography. I must be really dense! How can you go wrong with your thrifted Julia Child's French Cook Book...and I see an awesome pineapple print in your sidebar. Looks like your vintage table cloth is in great condition! All very nice!


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