outdoor outfit

Outdoor church this morning calls for a little informality. I'll wear a pair of black capris with a linen shirt. I'll carry my thrifted bag and wear earrings as my only jewelry.

 For my carry-in dishes for the picnic to follow, I have  potato, zucchini and onion with cream cheese in the crock pot and a refrigerated oriental cabbage salad to share.

Note the blue crock!  When the original (white) crock developed cracks in the bottom, I was afraid I'd have to purchase a whole new appliance.  But a look to the top of my kitchen shelves where my collection of blue thrifted items is arranged revealed THIS pot that fit perfectly.  Even the lid from the original cracked white crock fit!


  1. That is a cute outfit...and boy did you get lucky with that pot that fit in your crockpot how handy! Enjoy your picinic ;D

  2. Hi Rebecca. You look nice, as always. How about a recipe for that potato/zucchini dish? Take care and have an absolutely wonderful day. Susan

  3. Great outfit, Rebecca - love the funky purse!

  4. You are a stylish lady....I love your zest for life!!!!!!!! Now I need to get on the ball in this area myself!!!


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