ladybug luncheon

Today is our no-longer-Red-Hats club luncheon.  We've adopted the ladybug as our "mascot", so I'm wearing ladybug earrings and a ladybug pin on my collar. 

I've chosen to belt a flax blouse over the cotton striped dress.  I think I'll go upstairs and find a lighter pair of shoes to match the crocheted bag I'll carry today.

I'm pretty sure that everything I'm wearing was purchased at either a garage sale or thrift store - except the dress.  I bought it new years and years ago at The Limited.


  1. Hi Rebecca. You look nice. I'm curious. Why did your group change their name from the Red Hats? Are you able to say? Lady bugs are nice, though. They bring good luck, right? Susan

  2. Susan, we dropped out of Red Hats official organization when they began to have a few more rules and dues :) I need to quit referring to our group this way, but I keep forgetting what we actually CALL ourselves. We're just continuing on as before w/o rules and dues :)

  3. Have fun at the ladybug luncheon today, you look great!


  4. Hi there-you look great, so casual chic and hope you had a great time!!


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