I looped a long strand of amber-like beads to make three strands that fit nicely into the V neck of my T shirt.  I like the variation of brown shades in this necklace.

I wish I knew how to determine whether they are plastic or REAL amber!  Since they were either a garage sale find or thrift store purchase, I'm quite sure they aren't the real thing.

I HAVE been to the Dominican Republic where real amber is native.  And we named our youngest daughter "Amber"...


  1. Rebecca....I LOVE amber. Have several necklaces of it. I even had an artist make me a necklace out of amber chandelier prisms! Found a bunch of loose ones once! The one you are wearing is lovely. Amber is also popular in Poland and Lithuania, I believe, the native lands of both sets of my grandparents. Susan

  2. Hi there-they look fab, real or not and a triple thread is very stylish indeed x

  3. Extremely gorgeous, real or not. Looks so elegant on you and I love the name, Amber, it;'s beautiful. xxx
    PS I think you can tell by rubbing a bit of nail polish remover on it, if it becomes tacky it's not real.

  4. Ha you and me must be twins lol I have been enjoying amber and turquoise recently I love both those colors for jewelry they help make your outfit look like it has that little extra umph!! Pretty Necklace you look great as always ~Love Heather

  5. One simple method for checking the authenticity of amber is to heat a pin and stick it in an inconspicuous place. Amber will smoke and smell sweet (sort of like incense). Fake plastic amber will stink like, well - plastic.


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