cheap thrills

Something about the sunlight this morning
prevented a clearer picture...
but here is the simple outfit I'm wearing today.
Knit off-white top with gray straight-line skirt. 
I'm satisfied with the haircut I got yesterday at Great Clips - $11.
The basic cut is easy to maintain
and its simplicity is consistent with my style of dress.

I found this lamp at my favorite thrift store earlier this week.  (The shade is one I had on hand.  At some point, I may choose another.)  I adore the decorative features on the base of this lamp!
I also found this tin with an "old New Orleans" scene on its top and a white plastic watering can.
The simplicity of color and shape are attractive to me.
If I had to pick a favorite "find", 
this beautiful silverware holder would tie with the lamp!
For $3, this was definitely a cheap thrill!


  1. Wow again some great treasures!! I still have not made it to the thrift store...but really need to get over there I would like some pants I have only jeans since I lost weight all my other pants don't fit any more.....Enjoy your treasures ~Love Heather

  2. Heather, Congratulations on your weight loss. What fun to "need" clothes to fit your new shape! You may be nicely surprised at the quality of items available at your thrift shop!

  3. All your finds are good but the painted tin is the one that speaks loudest to me. Wonderful!


  4. Darla, wish I could have taken a better picture of the sides of the tin. They all turned out blurry and I didn't use them. They're so fascinating!

  5. Wow, Rebecca, what great treasures you found at more than reasonable prices! I think my favorite is the tin. I knew it was New Orleans as soon as I saw it. It reminds me of an old Clark Gable movie Band of Angels with Yvonne de Carlo and a very young Sidney Poitier.

    I love your hair style btw, so easy breazy!

    ~ Bonnie

  6. Hi Rebecca...Your lamp looks quite Victorian. I think a fringed shade would be awesome. Good job! Susan

  7. Susan, That's a good idea! Any suggestions re. color and/or shape???

  8. Hi there-such wonderful unique finds as usual, I love your new haircut too my dear!!

  9. I agree with Susan. A fringed lampshade would be perfect. It looks like the lamp is a copperish color? A darker colored shade might work best??


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