another ladybug luncheon

 In my new role as chairwoman of our Lady Bugs Club (formerly a Red Hats group) I need to carry a little bit more "stuff" to meetings.  Thus, a GOOD excuse to carry this toille bag - which I adore!
I THINK I've got the colors right for being a "Lady Bug"!
Of course, you may guess that I found the bag at a thrift store along with everything else I'm wearing...
except the necklace and matching earrings created by Jane.


  1. Just Lovely! So .. is the Lady Bugs Club your own take on the Red Hat Society? I have a group of ladies called the 'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Scarf' ... a very fun on-line group .. with a reunion get-together next month!

  2. Mrs. Mac, the group started out as Red Hats. When dues started to rise, we just bowed out of the official organization, but continue to meet just as we did in the past.

    I've always wondered what the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf was! You mean you'll actually get-together in PERSON next month????

  3. Awesome pattern mixing, Rebecca!

  4. Hope the luncheon was fun, Rebecca. Yup, you definitely had on clothes with ladybug colors. Cute. Susan

  5. The bag is great but what struck me, as it did Sheila, was the great mix of patterns. Perfect for your day out.


  6. Hi there-yes, a great mix of colours and patterns, the bag is really lovely too! x


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