red, white and blue

I purchased the BLUE one first - to carry my laptop.  It was perfect for this use!  So perfect that when I saw the WHITE one at a good price, I carried it for awhile.  Later I stumbled on the RED one!  Now, I seldom carry my laptop anywhere and my thrift store bargains are sitting out in my hastily-arranged garage sale.  Three for $10.00!

This is what I'm wearing today to run in and out as customers trickle in...Picture taken from the kitchen end of our kitchen/dining area looking through French doors into our library/music room.


  1. oooooo, Rebecca. You are having a garage sale? Good luck. Hope you sell a lot of stuff. If I lived nearby, I'd stop in . Susan

  2. Those are awesome bags! They look like those old carry-on flight bags from the 70s. Score! Good buy, Rebecca!

    Man, I would totally come to your garage sale - your house is like a wonderful antique shop!

    Have a super weekend! :)

  3. Wow lovely purses...there are never nice purses at our thrift store that is the one thing it is lacking...but I have plenty anyways lol...your outfit looks great very cute and your home is beautiful ~Love Heather

  4. Wow ... I was thinking they might be Avon sales rep bags :) Hope your sale was a success.

  5. So how did the garage sale go? You look perfect for the job at hand. Did someone snap up those bags?


  6. Darla, I really didn't have many customers. I hadn't advertised and brought things in when the skies got dark. So I was only "open" for about 2 hours. I sold a wrought iron quilt rack, 2 end tables, a small lamp, 2 glass pieces (pedastal style), and a brass tray with a glass dome lid (not a match but how I had them paired).

    What I really wanted to sell were some of our wooden chairs! I had 10 out since my husband is refinishing 5 that go with a Duncan Phyfe table he's also refinishing! There IS a limit!


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