porch "posts"

Our front porch on a quiet Sunday morning...
 These are the jewelry pieces I'm wearing with the basic black velvet skirt and white cardigan.  
(Who says you can't wear the buttons in the back?)


  1. ~Lovely ~have a blessed Sunday ~Heather

  2. Rebecca, You could be a model, you look great, the jewelry is beautiful. Would you believe in my teenage years (now I will tell my age, lol) we used to wear our cardigans backward. True!!! Enjoy you Sunday.

  3. Hi Rebecca.....Love the turquoise jewelry. Very reminiscent of the southwest. Never thought about wearing a cardigan backwards but what the heck? Why not! Looks nice. Have a nice Sunday, too. Susan

  4. Gorgeous! Great poses and I'm loving the new layout. xxx

  5. Good morning Rebecca ~ What a nice outfit you have on today, and your jewelry is lovely. Wearing a sweater backwards is a great idea. I love your front porch, it looks very peaceful.

    Have a nice day and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Sue/Susan - You caught that "wearing the cardigan backwards" part, didn't you? Since I'm on my 10 second delay, I SHOULD have tried to take a picture of my BACKside!

  7. Hi Rebecca, Oh I want to hang out on that porch with you! Cute pictures, I especially like the last one where you are holding on to the post. The jewelry is spectacular by the way!

    Hope you are enjoying the remainder of the weekend, Bonnie

  8. Look at you working that timer on your camera-phone! Suddenly the world you are showing us is so much bigger and brighter. Wonderful!

    Mmm, sitting outside in a big comfy robe -- I envy you that. My porch is too open for anything like that.

  9. Kristen - THIS post is our front porch - the "robe picture" was our back porch.... I'd not be able to do the robe thing in the front! LOL

  10. Classis outfit. I really like the jewelry collection too. Like Rebecca, I wore cardigans buttoned up the back in high school as well. Along with white buck shoes - had to have those shoes.


  11. You look so stylish here that I had to go back and left a comment here.
    I'm digging for a velvet piece, your skirt is so great!!!

    And yes,(Who says you can't wear the buttons in the back?)

    Oh and love the jewelry collection too.



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