september days are here

My husband recently bought these earrings and a matching necklace for me.  He knows my "taste" runs toward simplicity, black and silver. 

Thanks to Jane for helping him select these--her handiwork!  I've never had this kind of earring before...their lengths can be adjusted.

A jacket feels good today!

"By all these lovely tokens, September days are here...With summer's best of weather and autumn's best of cheer..."

All thrifted - denim jacket, black skirt and shirt,
black belt with silver buckle...


  1. Hope you'll have a lovely sunday and feel stylish as you look!!
    Love the all black with the denim and what a nice set your husband gave you :D

    Here seems that September wants to bring us the Summer August didn't... I'm with mixed feelings... despite I like the good weather I also like the transitional feeling September gives us with the first layering...

    Blessings my dear~

  2. Hi there-how very thoughtful-he does have a stylish eye too, lol!! A very nice set indeed my dear!!

  3. What a thoughtful and caring hubby you have, Rebecca! Impeccible taste, too. xxx

  4. Lovely pieces and unique too. Your husband did a good job didn't he?


  5. Love your new profile photo, Rebecca! Susan

  6. Very pretty....Fall is on it's way ~you look great love the outfit. I like how you always look so pulled together...I am hoping to achieve that I have gotten very lazy with getting dressed....I am hoping to move beyond jeans and a tshirt lol.....we shall see how far I get lol! ~Heather

  7. That is so sweet of your husband! The jewelry is delicate and beautiful.
    Are the earrings the kind where the chain is very fine, and you actually pull the chain through your piercing? My aunt (who makes jewelry) has some that I love. However, my piercings are so sensitive and infection-prone that I don't think they would work on my ears.


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