I was quite amazed to find this picture in a beautiful book of 18th century homes  while at Borders a couple of days ago!

Earlier in the summer, my husband and I were on a house walk in the city nearby.  On a trash pile as we strolled from one home to another was THIS:

I had no idea exactly how to use it, but now that my husband has primed and repainted it, we will look for a glass to put on top before placing a lamp and/or some other items we want to spotlight on it.

Do you have any other ideas?  Originally, I thought it might have been an outdoor/patio piece...

Decided to "allow" this picture in...This morning I'm off to run some errands.  I'm wearing some (stretch) black jeans with a white top.  The clothes as well as necklace & matching earrings are all thrifted items.   (Visit my health & fitness blog if you're interested in why I said "allow".)


  1. Hi Rebecca...Isn't that amazing? It looks almost identical. I think the glass with a lamp on it sounds great. Take care. Susan

  2. You see these a lot of these back home done in rattan. Makes a useful side table!

  3. Yeah, Bonnie. My problem with it is that it only has the top on which to plunk something! Since my living room is so full, I'll have to trade out something to make room for it. All my "somethings" have shelves (which have books, baskets, etc. on them)...

  4. Isn't it interesting how much the two look alike? I think a round table often makes a good piece to break up the sort of same-ness of a room.

    Have to go check your other blog about "allow" now.


  5. Darla, I realize "allow" isn't a very good word. I've just packed on some pounds and have very little in my wardrobe that I can fit into.

  6. that is an amazing find Rebecca! Don't forget to show us the "after" picture when you find a place for it. I typed a comment on your other blog telling you how good you look in the above photo but I think my signal died before it got posted. I too am struggling with dropping the stubborn pounds. I'm doing so many things "right" that it is totally frustrating. My doctor says to just keep eating healhy and it will come...I'm trying!


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