this too shall pass...

...the pounds must go (not YOUR problem) and when they do, I'll have the rest of my wardrobe to wear!  I'm determined not to buy clothes to fit me at this weight.  This is not self-punishment.  Just motivation.  So, please.  No lectures about loving myself and treating myself less harshly, etc..

Meanwhile, I found a different top in my closet - a white blouse - one of MANY.  I really enjoy white blouses and have a variety of styles waiting for me.  All from thrift stores or garage sales.

My life isn't too exotic, so this works.  Meanwhile, I created a simple and delicious dinner from leftovers yesterday.  You can read about it HERE.

These are MOST of the white blouses  I own...not quite.


  1. That's good incentive, Rebecca! I know that fitting into my current wardrobe is one of the things that helps me keep my weight under control. You sound determined and I know you will do it! :)

    I love that white blouse - it looks awesome.

  2. You'll do it in no time, Rebecca. In the meantime keep dressing as smartly and chic-ly as you always do, we can't see an extra pound of flesh on you even if you can. xxx

  3. I think that is a great idea with going on a clothing purchase fast..very good incentive. Sometimes it is not a bad thing for us to be a little tough with ourselves...I will keep praying for you ~Good Luck!! ~Love Heather

  4. You all are such good friends. I appreciate the fact that you come back even when my outfits are a little boring! OK. A LOT boring!

  5. There is nothing like a crisp white blouse and the more the merrier! BTW, what extra pounds?


  6. I agree with Bonnie about the extra pounds.... but if you tell us so... so it is. And I say this because I also have sometimes those feelings.
    And you sound very determined :)
    As for white shirts are such a must have.... they go with everything.
    Blessings my dear

  7. I know you don't want to hear this Rebecca, I can't see any extra pounds. I like white blouses too, so versatile.

  8. Hi there-wow, what a collection of white blouses, I only have the one, lol!!

  9. I love white tops as well...though I have trouble with blouses that button down the front (keeping them closed!) so I end up with 7-8 white tank tops or T's. I'm struggling too Rebecca...I went out and bought a new scale to help me and it lasted exactly one week. The light won't even come on. So I have no idea "how" I'm doing except by how my clothes feel. And they still feel too tight! grr...yes, this too shall passed. I am determined too! Maybe I should have a look in my closet (or at the bottom of my ironing basket) and see what might motivate me!

  10. White blouse/jeans is a classic look so you are set to go for several days. Like Jacquelyn, I have trouble with blouses and the "gap" between buttons. Never known quite how to solve that.


  11. That's my motivation as well. Currently many of my favorite items don't fit at all or don't look very good, and I'd have to have to replace all of them. (I really don't see any extra weight on you, but I know that it can feel demotivating.)

    That white blouse is beautiful! Rebecca, I hardly think that you are a plane Jane. You're drawn to classic shapes and are elegant. I often feel like I keep wearing the same thing over and over, but then when I look back at to what I wore a year ago, I realize that I have pushed myself forward a bit at a time.


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