dressin' up the denim

 If it gets TOO hot, I'll just remove the jacket.  
The gold of this blouse really doesn't show on my cell phone generated photos. 
In reality, it looks like 18K!
After church, I'll change shoes and blouse, and we'll be on our way 
to finish the House Walk we started yesterday!


  1. A lovely outfit, wishing you a great day!!

  2. Very nice, Rebecca. I'm sure you sparkle today! Susan

  3. Hi Rebecca, if I could I would dress the world in denim!

    Have a lovely day, Bonnie :)

  4. Those pants have a great leg line! Your legs look miles long. Great top too!

  5. very pretty~ I love wide leg pants they are so slimming....~Hope you had a wonderful day ~Love Heather


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