lo and behold!

Lo and Behold!  My cell phone camera has a 10 second timer!  Things will never be the same here! Fortunately I have the weekend to practice and figure out a way to position and steady my phone. Meanwhile, I am posting  
my very first attempt.  
Obviously, I didn't dress for the occasion.  I surprised mySELF!

 Yes, the robe is thrifted (and well-worn)!
I've had it for years and am reluctant to replace it.

I took this picture of one of the reading corners in our house to place on the "books" page of my main blog.  Thought I'd show it here.  The chair and pillows were purchased at garage sales or thrift stores, as were a few of the items on the bookshelf.

Thanks to all of you who made suggestions re. my photography! I'm eager to see how I can improve the pictures on this blog.  I'm pretty proud about the ones I take of our grandchildren, etc.  You can get a view of them on my "family" blog listed in the sidebar of THIS one...  If I want "hardcopy" of any of them, I download them and either print them off on our home printer or have them done at Walgreens or Meijers.

We do have an inexpensive digital camera but I never seem to have it with me when I need it - AND the batteries seem to always need charging.  The phone is a workable option for me.  I DO need to be more intentional and remember to change the settings (which I forgot to do when I went inside for the book/chair photo).


  1. Hi Rebecca....Congrats on finding the 10 second timer! Your surprise photos made me chuckle. I used to have a very similar bathrobe and loved it. Don't know what ever happened to it but I did wear it for years.

    By the way, if you have anyone ask you what you'd like for Christmas, you might say a Kodak Pixel camera. It's not expensive but it takes GORGEOUS photos. All the photography on my blog is taken with that little camera. I LOVE it.

    Have a nice Saturday. Susan

  2. Susan, Believe it or not, I have a Kodak EasyShare C875. It is the one that I said I have trouble keeping batteries charged, etc.

  3. Cute photos of you in your well-loved robe.

    You can always buy a charger and get rechargeable batteries. Keep one set of batteries in the freezer that are charged, they last longer. That way you always have spare batteries ready.


  4. Yay for the 10 second timer! I have a stack of books and sticky notes at just the right height for my pictures that I put the camera on. However, my husband takes the sticky notes so sometimes I cut my head off. :)

  5. We found that lithium batteries outlast the rechargeable ones and are more economical in the long run. Just fyi. I'm a really BAD photographer...something I'd like to work on if I could ever find the time. I probably have a timer on my Canon Powershot? Love the photo of the reading corner!


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