an everyday outfit

 Does anyone use that word (everyday) to describe clothing anymore?  
I can't remember hearing it in a l-o-n-g time.
I know what I mean by it--just wonder if anyone else does...
 Above, a closeup of a piece of pottery I strung on a black ribbon to wear...
below, one of a HOSTof black walnuts falling from the tree today.


  1. Hi there-what a fantastic necklace, it really does look so stylish with your outfit too-a great diy look!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, "everyday" sounds so ordinary and you certainly aren't. xxx

  3. My "everyday" outfit would be exactly what you have on except for the vest and the necklace. In fact right now I have on tan colored capris and a black top like yours except it's sleeveless. I do wish I had a fashion sense but almost all my clothes I consider "everyday"!
    I'm way too claustrophobic to wear something like that around my neck but I sure admire those kinds of things on others, with a little envy! Your yard looks wonderful!

  4. Jacque, I guess that one little patch of grass with walnut MIGHT look "wonderful", but (as I wrote in my garden blog) overall, my yard makes me kinda sad!

  5. love the picture!! Great Shot and you look fabulous love the pottery necklace....Love Heather

  6. Everyday clothes...I still use the term as well as "church clothes". A term I don't hear anymore is "pocketbook"...where did that go? :)

    I put a porch picture on my blog yesterday and today I realized it was "like Rebecca". The scarecrow is from clearance basket in the grocery store three years ago, the wicker planter from flea market in Grove, OK,the oak chair from a garage sale in Wichita, Kansas for $5, and the white goose you can't see came from a flea market here in town! Although all these things are a couple or more years old to me,I have a new term for the porch...I am Rebeccaing!:)

  7. Oh, Bookie! I'm coming over to see your porch! We used to say "pocketbook", too. How about "davenport" for a couch or sofa??? My early roots were in KS. Wonder if that accounts for our similarities?


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