Plain Jane

This is how I do it....then I crop.  The mirror is a cheap one.  And if I set it at just the right angle, it makes me appear slimmer!

Today I'm wearing the OTHER staple of my wardrobe...a black shirt.  And denim capris.  I might throw on a denim vest later...

I am really happy that so many of you hang with me faithfully!  Compared to most of you, I am Plain Jane.  No matter how I try, my outfits seem to all look the same to me.  Your friendship via this blog is VERY much appreciated.  And your fashion choices and extensive wardrobe magic continue to inspire me!

In our music/library, topped with horses & reindeer...
We have a couple of Plain Jane wardrobe cabinets in our house, too.   We obtained them at very little cost to us, but the hours my husband invested in repairing and finishing them were many!
In our living room, topped by blue pottery pieces...


  1. Hi Rebecca...Everyone's style is different. You always seem to look very nice to me. Love the wardrobe closets, too. Wow. Your husband does a fabulous job!

    Thanks for your visits and comments to my blog, too. I'm always happy to see you stopped by. Take care. Susan

  2. Rebecca ~ I think you always look smart and feminine and I love it that you've done it all thriftily. Like Susan above said, everyone's style is different. I like to wear long full, prairie looking skirts, in plain colors, with colorful, usually floral, shirts, and earrings that are color coordinated. I need to go to the thrift store again for some colorful shirts. It's been a couple of years since I've bought anything new and I'm running out of tops to wear as they grow older.

    I like my jeans too, and capri pants when I find them.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. I like your style, Rebecca - don't compare with others. You have a simple, chic look that I envy (my style is so fussy at times).

    Have you tried the timer on your camera? I use a 10 second delay for my pictures.

  4. I agree with Sheila, your look is very chic and elegant and you have your own style. I'm loving those wardrobes and the peek at your fabulously stylish home. xxx

  5. thank you for revealing your photo technique :)

    You have great classic style! nice furniture too!

  6. EVERYONE - Bless you! You're so encouraging!

    Sheila - I don't have a camera! I use my cell phone. I'll look if it has a delay....but I doubt it.

  7. great idea for your pictures I use a self timer....The cabinets are beautiful and stunning what wonderful pieces to have in your home~ You always look wear your simplicity well ~Love Heather

  8. Oh I sooooooo need a mirror like yours!!!
    Almost every day I complain about not having one...
    My dear don't compare yourself to others, you have your style that has to be also with your life style. You wouldn't wear a prom dress to gardening... (smiling).
    And when you have the need to dress up you always look so stylish and elegant with lovely details.
    I've been feeling like I have no ideas, but summer dressing is not easy, you can't do much do just two pieces.....
    Keep it up, darling, fashion blogland is not the same without you!!!!

    And gorgeous wardrobe cabinets!

    Have a fantastic weekend

  9. Hi my dear-you have a fabulous style my dear and its great how you work different pieces, patterns and plains so frequently, keep up the outfit posts I enjoy seeing them!! x

  10. I agree with Sheila, I admire your simple, strong look.

    But it is CRIMINAL that you don't own a camera, even a simple point-and-shoot. Don't you take photos of your grandkids and family? It is well worth the investment -- you can get a perfectly nice one with a timer and download capabilities for about a hundred bucks or so.

  11. Kristen, It probably IS criminal, but so far, I've had better success with my phone. If I want photographs, I take my little insert and go to Walgreens and print them out (or have even printed some out on our own printer). I DO have an inexpensive digital, but had trouble keeping batteries charged and never seemed to have it where/when I needed it. I take many, many more pictures now! See some of them on my family blog - accessible via the sidebar here.

  12. I like your 'Plain Jane' wardrobe....I'm just thinking of the things I would put in it!!


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