...here's what is left after paring down my collection of grape-related items...
Rich, jeweled-tones.
 From canvas and thread.
Reminders of blessing and the goodness of God.
Abundance.  My "chic" word for the day. 
(See what stimulated this post at another blog o' mine.)


  1. I love this post. Have a great weekend, Rebecca!

  2. We are abundantly blessed! My mom used to have a doily just like the one pictured. I think my aunt made it.

  3. I have a VERY similar grape theme doily. It was a wedding shower present - so it is definately vintage, LOL!


  4. Yes, I love to decorate with natures bounty and your post is gorgeous! I also love men made, or should I say, women's made?!...I'm talking about the beautiful crochett doily with the grapes, so pretty! I like your artwork too. I'm your newest follower, so glad I came. I'm extending an invitation to you, I'd love to have you over so we can visit more often, I love your post! Have a great weekend. Fabby from: FABBY'S LIVING

  5. Your grape theme items are so pretty. I too love the doily. I know how difficult it is to make those.

    By the way, I have grapes, apples, and pears in a basket on my table right now.

  6. Oh very pretty love that center tablecloth piece that is so pretty. I love you find interesting things while thrifting. You have some very nice pieces . Oh and the cupcake stand you asked about Anna got that from Lakeland kitchen store it is actually cardboard and it all pops together. Lakeland I believe is a British store but they might have a website that you could check it out on :)~Love Heather


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