Saturday Sense-ation

To me, "chic" is not an appearance but an experience

Necklaces I made years ago in a camp "Craft Shack"...
I'm planning today's "chic-ness" to include as many (if not all) of my senses as possible.  I've already begun...I've put a Sense-atio-al Soup into the crockpot.  Potatoes, celery, onion, zucchini, and carrots with a little bit of evaporated milk (leftover) & seasonings.  It looks GREAT - and there should be a wonderful scent awaiting us when we return from a walk at the mall later this morning.  It's just TOO hot to walk outside today.  (I'm a bit of a wimp.)  We'll end our walk at Barnes and Noble where I'll enjoy the sensation of turning the pages of some of my favorite magazines. 

While  at the mall, I shall do a bit of "chic-sighting".  I got this idea from the Queen of Chic this morning (see her post HERE).  Then later, while we're enjoying the soup back at home, I'll select some background music to accompany our conversation.

Fun to wear/Full of memories...

I'm looking forward to a Sensational Saturday.  
It will end this evening with my weigh-in.  
Two weeks ago I embarked on a return trip to health.  
I journal it on my Power, Love and Self-Control blog
(The experience of good health is the Ultimate Chic-ness!)
Sense-ation is my word for the day.


  1. Hi my dear!! Hope you had a lovely day chic-sighting and very well done on your health regime too! have a great weekend xx

  2. Your day sounds wonderful and calming...I would like to try the same.

  3. Hi Rebecca, these necklaces remind me of love beads from the 60s. Remember those?

    Hope you are enjoying your holiday.

  4. I'm glad you are thinking of health with your lifestyle. It's good to stay out of the hot sun. I need to get back to my healthy eating again. I just need to cut down on a few snacks. Sometimes that's easy, sometimes it's hard.


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